burton fletcher
Loan Closing Attorneys.com, LLC is attorney-owned and operated, serving all of Georgia with attorneys who are also notaries who perform in-home loan closings, meeting the needs of lenders, title companies and borrowers.

Georgia is an “attorney state” requiring that attorneys be actively involved in all loan closings for the benefit of the public who often have legal questions at closings outside the loan documents themselves.

When Burton Fletcher meets with borrowers, he reviews the title to advise borrowers on the risks of a particular form of ownership to minimize exposure to creditors, avoid probate, and to have the peace of mind that assets are held in a commonsense way that protects the family estate.

Discussions at the closing table often address wills, and end of life plans.

Burton Fletcher, d/b/a Loan Closing Attorneys.com, LLC has Prof. Burton Fletcher (Ret.), J.D., MBA at the helm as Managing Attorney. Burton has a distinguished career as an educator having taught for nine colleges and four universities during an academic career that spanned more than two decades. Burton Fletcher respects the time of everyone involved in loan closings and he operates with a sense of urgency to do things right the first time!

We invite your referrals throughout Georgia. As with so many things, IF YOU DO NOT INSIST ON OUR SERVICES, YOU MAY RECEIVE INFERIOR SERVICES!